About Us

The Amazing Livelihood Association is a group that promotes all natural product in the community.

This is a group of mothers who have no stable financial income. Some of this member was residing in Barangay Magsaysay Bayombong Nueva Vizcaya. They are also a member of a local church, the Christian Gospel Baptist Church. These mothers are willing to work for their family. The founder of Amazing Livelihood, Ptr. & Mrs.Gem Lalaan want to help them with their financial need, so it’s all started with their passion and desire to help these women.

The idea is to help the unemployed mothers in our church and in our community. To lead them in a project that benefits the individuals not only in Spiritual but in physical need. This became their motivation and encouragement. The livelihood started by making turmeric tea. Turmeric is one of a native product of Nueva Vizcaya. We also promote the product of farmers particularly in the remote area of the Province which is our source partner.

It started processing 10 in 1 Turmeric tea but because of the comment and suggestion of the customer, they improved and developed it into 15 in 1 tea. Other products they produced are Pure Turmeric Tea, 17 in 1 Turmeric Tea, Paragis(Goosegrass) Tea, Guyabano Tea, and Lagundi Tea. They also have different kinds of beauty soap like papaya, citronella, calamansi peel, lavender, coffee scrub, strawberry, and dragonfruit flavor and also massaging oil.

The Amazing Livelihood Association produce a good quality product. Promoting to bring the people back into a basic procedure which is the healthy lifestyle habit. The product promotes the innovative taste of different tea from different herbs.

The brilliant idea of the founder is to produce a product which promoting the organic herbs that have a lot of benefits which can help people and their generation after.