Chili Garlic Sauce




chili Garlic Sauce1Chili Garlic Sauce

The Chili Garlic Sauce of Amazing Livelihood Association.

Made out of pure chili hot pepper.

Chili known as a concentrated vitamin c, so it gives benefit to our body.

It also boosts out immune system.

This Chili Garlic Sauce will add flavor in your daily cuisine or in every food you take.

Even the one who do not eat spicy food will love the taste of Amazing Livelihood Condiments.

This condiment product of  Amazing Livelihood Association is a home made process by mothers who want to share their talents in making Condiments.

This is a new condiment product of Amazing Livelihood Association made with Love and Passion. Promoting the product of Nueva Vizcaya and also the farmers which is our source  partner.






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