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Amazing Paragis Tea

The Amazing Paragis Tea is made out of pure paragis or (goose grass).  Paragis is a kind of grass that is easy to find because we can see it anywhere especially on the roadsides.

Paragis is not as familiar as other herbal plants. Some maybe wondering or have a doubt if this is effective or not because  Paragis is known as a grass.

The Amazing Livelihood produced Paragis Tea, it is because of the demand of our customer. They suggest if it is possible to make Tea out of Paragis, that is why we research about its benefit and discover  how to make a Tea out of Paragis.

Base on research, as we read all the article a bout Paragis, most of the author are reccomend to use paragis as raw, that is why we discover to make it as an instant tea to make it easy for you to prepare.

The Amazing Paragis Tea has a lot of benefits that include the following which is :

  • Helps treat Diabetes
  • Lower down fever
  • It has antioxidants that can fight tumor and cancer cells in the body
  • It’s normalize Blood Pressure
  • Helps kidney problems
  • Prevent Cervical Cancer

This product is recommended to adult with the age of 20-60


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