Guyabano Tea


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Guyabano Tea

Guyabano Tea is one of the best seller product of Amazing Livelihood Association.

This tea is a good alternative of guyabano fruit when it is out of season. It contributes a lot of benefits.

The idea of making guyabano tea is started in 2016 due to customers demand. Most of them are senior citizens.

This is also perfect for a health-conscious person because it can help them with their daily health needs.

This is carefully made out of collected bark and leaves of guyabano trees.

Aside from fruit that has a lot of vitamins, the bark and leaves even the flowers of guyabano has a lot source of health benefits.

Helps reduce back pain
Relief Rheumatism
Prevent Urinary Tract Infection
Prevents Constipation and Anemia
Prevent leg cramps
Boost Energy
Treatments for Diabetes
Strengthen bones
Antibacterial, Antiviral, Antiparasitic & Antimalarial

In able to make guyabano tea, the Amazing Livelihood needs to grind all the leaves of guyabano.  Need to chop the bark and cook it until it brings into a rolling boil. After these, the stock will transfer in another pot to cook again until it dry.

The amazing livelihood Association recommended this product to all ages. We made this easy for you to serve.

Available in sachet and Bottle.


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